Full Service Fuel Supplier Serving North Central Texas.

Enderby Gas offers a full array of energy services for the North Texas area including Montague, Cooke, Grayson, Denton and Collin counties. Services include residential and commercial delivery of propane gas as well as diesel, gasoline and other fuels for industrial and agricultural applications.

Enderby Gas is an established, family-owned fuel dealer in North Texas specializing in the delivery and service of propane gas to residential and commercial customers in and around the towns of Gainesville, Sherman, Nocona, Denton, McKinney and Pilot Point. Having been in business nearly 70 years, our reputation for excellent service drives our success. Whether it's propane gas for your home, business, vehicle or fuel for your farm or ranch, Enderby Gas is equipped to handle all of your energy needs.

Propane Tank Installation

Propane installation service truck

Fueling your home, business or vehicle fleet requires an adequate supply of propane gas. Enderby Gas realizes that a properly sized propane tank is critical to adequately serving requirements of your home, business or fleet. We understand that the fuel usage needs can vary widely depending on the application. Our goal is to ensure that your needs are well taken care of by a properly sized propane tank and by all aspects of the installation, including gas piping.The Enderby Gas service department installs propane tanks in the North Central Texas area. We pride ourselves on exceptional workmanship at all aspects of the propane tank installation process, from setting the tank to turning on all gas appliances.

Residential Propane Tank Installation

Propane tanks installed for residential service and home usage are most often tied to the heating demands in our region. Enderby Gas is able to properly size and select a propane tank that is appropriate to your heating needs. However, some residential propane users don't use gas solely for heating. They often use propane to power all of the appliances in their homes. Therefore, Enderby Gas takes into account all appliance load requirements and properly selects a tank that will adequately and efficiently serve the needs of your home.

Commercial Propane Tank Installation

In addition to heating, commercial customers often use propane in other capacities specific to their industry or line of business. Whether it's used for heating a warehouse, fueling forklifts, cooking or for fleet refueling, Enderby Gas has the technical expertise and ability to size, select and install a propane tank based on your application and usage requirements.